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FDFA - Fashion+Design festival Arnhem

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Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem
T: 026 – 737 05 19

Broerenstraat 53
6811 EB Arnhem

Stichting Fashion Festival Arnhem
Van Lawick van Pabstraat 121
6814 HD Arnhem

  • Snacks

    • Until October 27th you’ll be able to visit the @artezhogeschool Master Architecture Graduation exhibition in arnhem, onderlangs - #artezfinals2017
    • This awesome #poster by has been nominated for the international poster exhibition at @gdfscotland - it has been designed for @opaarnhem and made by @stichtingplaatsmaken - congratulations to all of them!
    • Find @artezfashiondesignarnhem it's @collectiearnhem at the @beijingdesignweek_official #dreamsneedair #artez
    • Congratulations to @schepersbosman for winning the @mercedesbenz Les Etoiles 2017! - both graduated in 2011 from the well known @artezfashiondesignarnhem
    • Tomorrow Daan @roosegaarde and @artezhogeschool alumnus @iristhefreeze will give a presentation about art + technology during the @gelderseeinstein week in #Arnhem
    • Today we'll get to see @baskosters new piece of art at @museum.arnhem #cantwait #kapitalist
    • This Friday a new piece of art titled DE KAPITALIST by @baskosters will be revealed at @museum.arnhem
    • This Thursday at Showroom Arnhem: #ArnhemseNieuwe with presentations by 14 newly graduates from @artezhogeschool from their departments @artezfashiondesignarnhem @artezgraphicdesign #productdesign #bouwkunst #creativewriting #interactiondesign and #finearts
    • As per september 1st Pascale Gatzen is The new head of The design departement. We congratulate both pascal and artez with this opportunity! (#PascaleGatzen has been part of Le Cri Néerlandais together with @viktor_and_rolf Lucas Ossendrijver @lanvinofficial and Saskia van Drimmelen)
    • It is still possible to visit the @ravageart exhibition at @museum.arnhem until October 29th!